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26 July 2010 @ 08:08 pm
As Promised  
OK, I was staying with coquillagement last week and we've (well, mainly me and Bookworm) been trying to get Mal and my Tenth Doctor together. So, I brought him up and as I looked for backdrops to a story we were going to do, Bookworm took matters into her own hands and wouldn't let me see. This sequence was the best for me but it's not Bookworm's. Maybe I'll put the others up later.

"Time Lordz are dumb!"

"Space cowboys? Come on!"

(Something in Chinese)

"Hah! I can read that 'cause I have a TARDIS! Do you have a TARDIS?"

"My ship's bigger!"

"Mine's bigger on the inside!"

"I have a gun!"

"I have a sonic... Well, let's leave it at that..."

"I'm from the future!"

"I have a time machine."


"I'm human!"

"I'm Time Lord!"

"Hmm...stalemate on that one..."

"Want to go swimming in the library?"

"Sure. Why not?"

Marie of Romania: nuh-uh girlfriend by fruchickmiss_daizy on July 27th, 2010 02:51 am (UTC)

Those are awesome and I have this great picture in my mind of you and Bookworm going back and forth with this.

Sounds like a good vacation!