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20 July 2010 @ 02:46 pm
A Day at the Barn  
Well, today was my day to go visit coquillagement's friends at the barn. We pull into the premises to see a schoolbus and Co's first thought was that there were going to be riders, something she wasn't told about. We then learn it's a day camp there for a tour. So, Co is given charge of Pumba, a quarter-horse, to show the kids how to groom and give little tidbits of information to. Pumba loved the grooming aspect but when it came time to letting the girls lead him, he balked after a few turns and Luke had to tempt him with apples.

I then got an introduction to all the horses, including Drama, the young one who caused second-degree burns on Co's hand. She wanted m to take a photo of Felix, her baby, to show everyone on LJ his progression. The woman who runs the barn then asked if we could take photos of more of the horses for the website. Co led them outside and had a few tries to get them to keep their heads up and not graze. I think I did pretty well considering.

I will add that Sunday was spent at a feis for Bookworm and we put on the sunblock a little late so I look like a neon lobster on the neck and shoulders. Not a pretty sight, I tell you. We've got the aloe and moisturizer so it should be better byt the time I have to lug my backpack around the airport Sunday.
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coquillage: Sprinklescoquillagement on July 20th, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
You forgot to mention how completely awesome I was when I was suddenly handed a horse and surrounded by leetle campers. Gave a nice little speech, I did, and made good use of analogies so the kids could understand what's up with horsies. You said so yourself. And you had to mention how Pumba misbehaved and made me look silly. But the campers didn't mind because I let Pumba take my glove off and that distracted them from his reluctance to do anything he was told. : )