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11 March 2010 @ 12:40 pm
A Long Day  
I have somewhat recovered from yesterday. I got up at 5:30 as usual and went to work. I brought a change of clothes and got out pretty much on schedule. donna88keys came over and met me and then we drove to R's house as she was going to do the drive to and from Orlando.

We stayed on I95 until Melbourne and then cut over on a state road that took us past many cow pastures. We didn't have any trouble until we reached Kissimmee/St Cloud. We missed a turn somehow and as I was navigator, I tried to rectify the situation but unfortunately, I'm not the best map reader. I finally tracked down where we were and found a cross road to where we were supposed to be. From there we reached downtown Orlando but a little too late to make our original dinner plans.

We get to the arean and thankfully R had reserved a parking place in Lot 1 and we were right in front of the main doors. We get inside, buy souveniers, and grab food before heading to our seats. We were upper level but it really wasn't that bad and we were just a little right of center.

As for the show itself, I predicted the openning song--"Cry me a River"--which made me happy. (I'll list the songs under a cut below.) This was the first show of the "Crazy Love" tour so he called us his little guinea pigs. In his first little speech break, he also mention that his life had changed since the last tour and mentioned his engagement. Since his fiancee is Argentinian, the men also wear rings. He als thought it was cool because he could take it off (mimed action) hold it in his fingers and go "My precioussss"--which he did in a very good Gollum impression. He also brought up the Olympics and the Canadian hockey team.

At one point, he goes onto the floor and walks around. They had a platform set up at the back and he sang "Home" from there before heading back to the stage with "Save the Last Dance". He ended the show proper with "Just Haven't Met You Yet" with an encore of "Feeling Good" before the final song of "Song for You".

We had a tough time getting out of the parking lot and trying to find the right road home so there were a couple of U-turns. Needless to say, driving past cow pastures in the day isn't so bad but nighttime is horrible as there is nothing there. After getting back to R's around 2, I then drove donna88keys home and I didn't get home till 2:30. Even though I was tired, I still couldn't sleep so I watched the season finale of Psych. As it ws, I didn't get to sleep until close to 4:30, making it a 23-hour day.

OK, I can't quite remember the complete order. Songs I know for sure are obviously opening and closing as mentioned above. The rest I'll list by album release. I might be able to edit this later to correct the order.

Cry Me a River (Crazy Love 2009)
All of Me
Crazy Love
All I Do Is Dream of You (?)
Heartache Tonight
At This Moment
Haven't Met You Yet
Lost (Call Me Irresponsible 2007)
I've Got the World on a String
Call Me Irresponsible (?)
Feeling Good (It's Time 2005)
Save the Last Dance for Me
Song for You
For Once in My Life (Michael Buble 2003)

He also mentioned that as a kid growing up, he loved Ferris Bueller and played the float scene over and over. He also said that he wanted to be like Michale Jackson so he then did a little "Billie Jean" before "Twist and SHout". Oh, I forgot "Mack the Knife"! ETA: There was a very slow ballad he did that I didn't recognize and just learned from a review in the New York Times that it was "The Best of Me" written by David Foster.

I forgot to mention his opening act was Naturally 7, an a capella group, though they prefer the term "vocal play" since they create instruments vocally. They were fabulous and now I want to hear some more of them.
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coquillage: Mr. Metcoquillagement on March 12th, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
Glad you had fun, and adventure, too!
jpgr: DW 10 tux+specsjpgr on March 12th, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's always an adventure when we go on a road trip. The easiest was Key West because it's a straight line. :)