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28 December 2008 @ 09:15 am
Miami and the RSC  
Yesterday I went down to Miami with two friends -- donna88keys and R (to protect the innocent as it were)-- in order to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company do The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Revised.

R and Donna picked me up at around 1:00 and we drove down to Miami listening to some Michael Buble and Russell Watson along the way. We arrived pretty much on time. We made the right exit off 95 onto another highway but we missed the exit off that and ended up going out towards Miami Beach past the docked cruise ships.

We get over to Miami Beach and R does one of her (in)famous U-turns--no trip is complete without one--and we head back over the causeway. On our right we see the buiding where the show is going to be held so we get off and drive around trying to get our bearings. On one road we're in the wrong lane that sends us back over the causeway!

So we get back and head in the opposite direction to the Bayside shops which is like an open-air mall. We nose about for a bit and make our way to the Hard Rock Cafe where we stop to eat. R and I of course were enjoying all the Beatles stuff. And just to make us happy, onto the screens comes "Sgt Pepper" being performed live by Paul and Bono!

From the Hard Rock looking onto Biscayne Bay and then back towards Bayside

We meander back to the parking garage and then drive over to the Arsht Center. Since we were there early we walked around and there was this open area to the back and I took a number of photos.

The front of the Ziff Ballet and Opera House

This is another entery to the opera house but, as we learned later, it's also the entrance to the Carnival Studio Theatre where the show was being peformed.

R seitting by the water fountain (not really a fountain but I can't think of the right word now)

Across the way to the Knight Concert Hall

Then we decided to get artsy. Trees and water.

ANd one last shot which is an attempt to give an overall of the area.

OK, so then we go inside and kill time waiting for the doors to open. Just around 7:00 they do and we plan to head to our ticketed seats which were back on the risers. One of the ushers said "You can sit anywhere as long as it's not reserved". With that he showed up a table right up front. We then played spot the plant and R, who had a better angle to view the crowd, spotted a guy in a baseball cap. She tried to point him out to me but I couldn't see him. If I had I could have told her, "Yes, he's the one" because it was Matt Rippy. The show itself was great fun. We even said some of the lines with them and I'm surprised they didn't catch on. Since it was originally written around 20 years ago, it was updated to include current politics, tv, and the internet.

Afterwards, we all got their autographs.

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