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31 October 2008 @ 03:28 pm
I can now finish my Tennant cross-stitch. I had to drive up to Michaels to get the thread I needed as the closer JoAnn's Fabrics was out yet again. While I was there, I picked up a frame kit for that Celtic cross-stitch I finished in April (http://jpgr.livejournal.com/37700.html#cutid1) and I also picked up some fabric to have should the need arise. I then popped into Circuit City and Best Buy to check out the iPods as my little Serenity's battery is way below par. According to Apple, a fully charged nano should run 14 hours--mine ran a little over three. Supposedly, they will replace my iPod for a small fee ($59) so I was just checking out what the new nanos go for ($149). Tomorrow or Sunday I have to make a run to the Apple Store down in Palm Beach Gardens. I'll keep you all updated.
Current Mood: chipperchipper