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30 July 2008 @ 02:24 pm
She's back!  
Hello all! I'm back from vacation and I had a marvelous, wonderful time.

My brother had just moved into his house so things were a bit crazy and they landscapers were working non-stop to get things ready for the party. My brother tapped me to keep track of who was coming when as well as departure times. The two of us also coordinated activities, some of which fell by the wayside.

On Thursday I did dinner so my nephew took me shopping and we got back a little after noon. I ended up making a quick dessert my mom saw on tv for Pine Bark as well as a new recipe for Triple Layer Apple Cake. Then I made dinner using a Greek recipe from a friend. It's interesting making dinner in an unfamiliar kitchen.

People started arriving Friday night but everyone was there by mid-Saturday. The party itself went without a hitch. My sister-in-law had it catered and afterwards there was much singing and dancing. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep a wink that night. My flight out was at 3pm so I got to the airport at 2. Again, luck was not with me as there were major storms along the east coast. My plan didn't board until 8:45! We landed at about 11:30 and after I got my bag and caught the shuttle bus to the parking lot, It was after 12. I got home a little after 1am, went to sleep probably close to 2am. A fun ending to my vacation.