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08 April 2016 @ 10:48 pm
Pineapple Sightings  
Same as before, if I missed one, please tell me.

1x01 “Pilot” - When Shawn and Gus are preparing to leave Gus’ apartment, Shawn grabs a pineapple and asks “Should I slice this up for the road,” and thus a legend was born.
1x02 “Spellingg Bee” - When Henry comes home and Shawn is working on the dog house, he has a hammer in one hand and a slice of pineapple in the other.
1x03 “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece” - There is some sliced pineapple on a fruit platter in the bridal suite.
1x04 "Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets" - When McNab goes out for smoothies, he brings Shawn a pineapple smoothie.
1x05 “9 Lives” - When Shawn and Gus visit the stress line, they take a pineapple with a bow as a gift.
1x06 “Weekend Warriors” - Shawn and Gus appear to be drinking Pineapple Snapple when they visit the rehearsal of the civil war reenactment.
1x07 “Who Ya Gonna Call” - A perfume bottle in the attic
1x08 “Shawn vs. the Red Phantom” - A couple of spots. (1) When Gus and Shawn are buying churros and talking about the movie blog, a lady in a blue shirt walks behind them for some time. It looks like there might be pineapples on the bag she is carrying. (2) When Shawn explains to the crowd why the killer did it, it flashed to the killer’s office and it’s lying on the table/shelf behind the desk to the right.
1x09 “Forget Me Not” - Shawn and Gus discuss “double chocolate mango pineapple scones, apparently made fresh daily” at Coffee with Attitude.
1x10 “From the Earth to Starbucks” - There's a waitress who appears twice wearing a purple shirt with pineapples on it.
1x11 “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead!” - in the deleted scenes Shawn says to toast with another pineapple juice box. He then puts the juice box on his desk. In the final version of the episode Shawn throws a cloth napkin over the same juice box. (6:04)
1x12 "Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder" - In the teaser, Shawn is eating sliced pineapple from a plastic container
1x13 "Game, Set... Muuurder?" - If there is one in this episode, consensus seems to be in the ad for the nail salon. The design on the bottom finger could have an upside-down pineapple
1x15 "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast" - Shawn asks Alice if she would like to split a pineapple.
2x01 “American Duos” – Shawn brings Emilina a pineapple when she's in the hospital
2x02 “65 Million Years Off” - At the intervention for Henry, Gus eats pineapple slices from a bowl
2x03 “Psy v. Psy” - Shawn bakes a pineapple upside-down cake in his Easy Bake oven
2x05 “And Down the Stretch Came Murder” - Henry lets Shawn see the recording of the race on the condition that he wears a pineapple print shirt to the derby on Sunday.
2x06 “Meat is Murder but Murder is Also Murder” - At the newspaper, Gus blurts out something nonsensical, “Key-laces, shoe-horses, pineapples.”
2x07 “If You’re So Smart, Why Are You Dead?” - When the kids are hacking on Henry’s computer, there appear to be two pineapple shaped items on Henry’s tiki bar in the background.
2x08 “Rob-a-By Baby” - 1. In the chief's office and continuing through much of the episode, Shawn has a pineapple patch on his shirt. 2. Shawn is eating a pineapple and movie theater popcorn jelly bean when he and Gus are at the park. 3. Shawn gives the chief a pineapple as a baby gift.
2x09 “Bounty Hunters!” - Gus drives by the pineapple section of the Meadow Parking garage.
2x10 “Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy” - When Mrs. Guster goes to Henry’s house, Shawn and Henry open the refrigerator to get something to eat and Shawn grabs a pineapple off the top shelf
2x11 “There’s Something About Mira” - At the wedding, Shawn takes the crazy pineapple appetizer with him. Shawn is wearing a pink shirt with a pineapple emblem when he goes golfing with Gus.
2x12 “The Old and the Restless” - The lamps in the senior community center have pineapples on them
2x13 “Lights, Camera, Homicido” - After Shawn gets a part on the show, the craft services lady brings him pineapple Peking dumplings
2x14 “Dis-Lodged” - Possibly on a table in a mural behind Shawn
2x16 “Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead” - There is a pineapple in the Henry’s kitchen when he is cleaning his kitchen. On the chief’s table of gifts, there is a pineapple wrapped up.
3x01 “Ghosts” - There’s a pineapple in Henry’s kitchen fruit bowl
3x02 "Murder? … Anyone? … Anyone? … Bueller?" - There is a pineapple at the reception desk for the reunion
3x04 "The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable" - Henry has a plastic pineapple in his “rec” room and there is also a pineapple in the cave paintings
3x05 "Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!" - The former members of SAG have a pineapple on the windowsill
3x07 “Talk Derby to Me” - Maybe on the top of the lockers when Toxic Waste opens hers
3x08 “Gus Walks into a Bank” - 1. No ham and pineapple pizza 2. When Shawn gets taken to the bathroom, there is a pineapple sticking out from a cubicle 3. There’s a pineapple on the zip-line carrier
3x09 “Christmas Joy” - In the box of possible gifts
3x11 “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing” - Lassiter has one in his shopping bag
3x12 "Earth, Wind and... Wait for It" - Chief Vick has a plastic pineapple on her desk
3x13 "Any Given Friday Night at 10pm, 9pm Central" - On the cup of Lassiter’s drink
3x14 “Truer Lies” - In the alley when they are hiding from the killers
3x15 “Tuesday the 17th” - Jason and Gus’ winning piñata and in the fridge at camp
3x16 “An Evening with Mr. Yang” - On Abigail’s desk at school
4x01 “Extradition: British Columbia” - Behind the mime is a balloon pineapple
4x02 “He Dead” – on the table at the restaurant
4x03 “High Noon-ish” – In Henry’s kitchen there is a ceramic pineapple on the counter just to the right of the sink and dish drainer.
4x04 “The Devil’s in the Details…and in the Upstairs Bedroom” - The pineapple is an avatar on the social networking site Shawn and Gus use to research the dead girl’s friends.
4x05 “Shawn Gets the Yips” - Gus’ Nightstand. It’s a little out of focus behind the alarm clock. Looks a little like a glass figurine.
4x06 “Bollywood Homicide” - The pineapple is on the lamp at Rani’s house. It is behind the mother at dinner.
4x08 “Let’s Get Hairy” – on a water bottle during the truck contest
4x09 “Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark” - The official Word from USA is that the pineapple is on the doormat at Shawn’s apartment.
4x10 “You Can’t Handle This Episode” - the pineapple was a ceramic jar in Abigail’s bedroom
4x11 “Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers” - The pineapple was a foothold on the climbing wall
4x13 “Death is in the Air” - One was behind Ginger. Shawn & Gus walked by the second pineapple, which was a decoration at the hotel
4x14 “Think Tank” - In the flashback scene, Shawn has a pineapple eraser on his pencil. He also asks about pineapple at the pizza parlor
4x15 "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode" - The pineapple was hidden on the bottle of suntan lotion
4x16 “Mr. Yin Presents” - The pineapple was part of the fountain by the stairs that Lassie & Juliet used
5x02 “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now” - The pineapple is on a bracelet located at the pharmaceutical company after Juliet went to the back.
5x03 “Not Even Close…Encounters” - it is in the “geek closet” near Adama’s helmet
5x04 “Chivalry is not Dead…But Someone Is” - The pineapple was on a slice of pizza
5x05 “Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing)” - The pineapple is a large tray with tools in it. When Shawn pushes Gus, Gus falls into a large red toolbox with the pineapple nearby.
5x06 “Viagra Falls” - Boone’s drink at the club (USA says there was a pineapple on the Speedos Gus held up)
5x08 “Shawn 2.0” - A lampshade in Declan’s house is made up as a pineapple skin.
5x09 “One, Maybe Two Ways Out” - The pineapple is a pencil holder in the police station behind Nadia.
5x10 "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part" - There is a glass pineapple on the table in the hotel room as Desperaux is pouring himself a drink.
5x12 “Dual Spires” - There’s one in the fruit bowl at the Barkers’.
5x13 “We’d Like to Thank the Academy” - In the grocery store during the gun fight, the pineapples are behind Shawn in the produce department
5x16 “Yang 3 in 2D” - In the groceries held by Yang in the flashback
6x01 “Shawn Rescues Darth Vader” - The pineapple is located on the banister of the staircase in the photo in which Lassie thinks Shawn was at the crime scene
6x02 “Last Night Gus” - It is on the glasses in Gus’ apartment. The ones he and the girl were drinking out of.
6x03 “This Episode Sucks” - It is the candle on Lassiter’s table.
6x04 "The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2" - The pineapple is on the table in the restaurant where Juliet and Shawn are eating.
6x05 “Dead Man’s Curveball” - Shot glass on the table in the bar
6x06 “Shawn, Interrupted” - Shawn orders 3 pineapple razzmatazzes and one can be seen in the basket on the counter
6x08 “The Tao of Gus” - Paper tower holder first seen @ 17:03. Over Shawn’s right shoulder.
6x09 “Neil Simon’s Lover’s Retreat” - While they’re in the balloon looking down at the chase, it’s the handle of the cheese knife
6x10 "Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger" - On the blackboard behind Shawn at the museum
6x11 “Heeere’s Lassie” - There are pineapple slices on the ham in the welcome basket
6x12 “Shawn and the Real Girl” - Candle holder on the dinner date
6x13 “Let’s Doo-Wop It Again” - Pineapple flower in the vase by Shawn’s bed
6x14 “Autopsy-Turvy” - The psychic has pineapple earrings
6x15 “True Grits” - Woman in the jewelry store had a pineapple pin
6x16 “Santabarbaratown” - Pineapple candy dish at Bea’s house
7x01 “Santabarbaratown 2” - There is a small pineapple on Shawn’s desk when they reach for the jerk chicken nachos
7x02 “Juliet Takes a Luvah” - On the bookshelf by the door in the Psych office
7x03 “Lassie Jerky” - The napkin holder on the TV stand next to Lassiter
7x04 “No Country for Two Old Men” - On the fruit stand sign while in Mexico
7x05 “100 Clues” - The mansion’s doorbell
7x06 “Cirque du Soul” - On the dry erase board behind Woody during the autopsy review.
7x07 “Deez Nups” - On the marquee during Shawn’s vision (Slots animation).
7x08 “Turn Right or Left for Dead” - A figurine on Elin’s desk by the drawings.
7x09 “Juliet Wears the Pantsuit” - at approx 40 min (version with no commercials) where the pineapple is a projected image on the wall as Juliet walks out from the room.
7x10 “The Santa Barbarian Candidate” - On the box of Shawn’s model he is presenting to replace the wetlands.
7x11 “Office Space” - One of the scratch and sniff stickers that the VP had in his suitcase when he gave Gus the promotion.
7x12 “Dead Air” - On the towel on the back of the chair when they visit Dean
7x13 “Nip and Suck It” - There is a pineapple on Henry’s wet bar but there are also pineapples on the cookie wrappers at the end
7x14 “No Trout About It” - On the snow cone cart.
7x15/16 “Psych: The Musical” - Vendor hands Shawn a pineapple during “Santa Barbara Skies”
8x01 "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire" - There are a number of sightings but only one has provided proof. In the opening credits when it says “Created by Steve Franks” there is a pineapple.
8x02 “S.E.I.Z.E. the Day” - As a bookend in Trout’s office
8x03 "Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement" - Pineapple ring in the to go box at very end in the office when Gus gets his tie back
8x04 “Someone’s Got a Woody” - According to posters on a website (psychpineapple.com) the majority seem to believe the pineapples are Trout’s cufflinks.
8x05 “Cog Blocked” - About 22 minutes, the pineapple is scrolling in lights on the ceiling of the restaurant.
8x06 “1967: A Psych Odyssey” - On the straw of the woman in the pink dress sitting next to Chief Watt in the 1967 version of the Limelighter Lounge when Caruso approaches the table.
8x07 “Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up” - Conflicting ideas. If you know and have a still, please share
8x08 “A Touch of Sweevil” - Right at the beginning on the shelf behind Shawn when he’s throwing bologna at the picture
8x09 “Nightmare on State Street” - On the counter in the kitchen of the abandoned house
8x10 “The Break-Up” - In the beginning when Gus is telling Shawn about his crush, it is on the desk behind her.