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20 April 2015 @ 06:03 pm
Update and Psych Community  
I know I haven't posted here in some time and I apologize. We're doing the spring cleaning thing and enjoying opening windows once again. I've gotten myself into another project in updating my Psych community psych_ch_facts. I've filled in missing episodes and finished season 7 and halfway through season 8. What I decided to do partway through is add allusions and continuity so I'll eventually go back and add these to already completed posts.

In addition, I still have an unfinished Psych/White Collar crossover. I kinda sorta know where I'm going so I won't post until I have a better idea so you won't be left hanging. There's also a Merlin fic that's been sitting around.

So, please stop by to check out the community and drop me a note on what you think!