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08 December 2014 @ 12:09 pm
New York City and the MMoA  
Yesterday was a day hours in the planning! My one nephew (T) is something of a floater when it comes to residence. He's back in Brooklyn for a few weeks and wanted to meet up and hit the museum. We included another nephew (An) and a niece (Al) who also live in Brooklyn.

I took the train into Grand Central and we all met up by the well-known clock and information booth around 12:00.

After a brief stop for coffee, we got on the subway and headed uptown, getting off at 77th&Lexington, walking the three blocks over to the museum.

Inside we had to make decisions on what we wanted to see and where to start. Somehow T was put in charge of the map and we started upstairs with the European art. I will say I impressed myself with my memory regarding art and artists. An wanted to find something he had seen before but couldn't remember the title or artist. All he knew was that it was very demonic and hell-like. I immediately thought of Bosch and Al the artist backed me up. We found his painting: Christ's Descent into Hell

After that, we moved to the American Wing because there was a particular Tiffany stained glass I wanted to see. Between the main building and the American Wing is a huge covered courtyard with large pieces of decorative sculpture. The main focus is the facade of an old bank flanked by large streetlights. There was also a very big (I can't keep saying huge) fireplace that once belonged in a house owned by Vanderbilt.

Since we were looking for the Tiffany, we stayed with the decorative arts. They had rooms displayed for different periods some of which would not see too out of place now. We then found the Tiffany I wanted to see. My brother-in-law had gotten me a poster of it years ago and I wanted to see the original.

From there we wandered the halls of arms and armor which is quite an impressive collection with everything from samurai to medieval knights, Turkish and even Henry VIII's field armor. The highlight and focal point was a group of mounted knights with lances.

We then crossed to the other side to find more things from my list. In another large room, the central room for the medieval collection was their Christmas Tree with a nativity scene.

From here, T and I went to find the main thing on my list. For those of you who read my fiction, you will understand why I needed to see this: The Antioch "Chalice". (In my story "Psychic in the City", this is stolen from the museum!)

The next thing to cross off my list was Faberge. As this was near the tail-end of the collection's time at the Met, it was stuck in a couple of small cases right across from the elevators! At least I hope that was the reason.

The last thing we did was check out the Egyptian collection, starting with the temple.

We left the museum sometime after 5:00 and as we were all a bit peckish, we stopped at a little bar & grill on 3rd Avenue. We walked back to the subway and got off at Grand Central just in time for me to catch the next train out. My feet were killing me when I got home and I was asleep by 11:00
Queen of Spades: davidtennantmonkiainen on December 8th, 2014 09:09 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a great day, thanks for sharing all those lovely pictures.