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04 February 2014 @ 10:21 pm
Quickie Update!!  
Downsizing is a pain. I have condensed my copied DVDs into one of those large cases as well as my audiobooks and Doctor Who Big Finish. I've gone through my purchased DVDs and donated to the library. What I am keeping will be moved into a cabinet and the shelving units will go to the DAV. Next will be going through articles I cut from numerous British magazines and scanning them then saving to DVD. Then come the books. Our poor garbage and recycle collectors!

As for the writing. Right now I am in the wind-up for my Merlin fic which I've had sitting around for around 3 years. Part 1 of my White Collar/Psych fic is near done. I just need a name for my bad guy.

As soon as the crazy eases up, I'll get back to the Psych transcripts.