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01 July 2012 @ 09:28 pm
SPN Fic Rec.  
I usually don't do this in a post but I love this story. I waited somewhat patiently for each post twice a week and pounced on it as soon as I could. It's complete now so you have the joy of reading it all at once.

Dust Devils by Sharlot

Title: Dust Devils
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby, Ellen, various OC’s
Genre: Gen-fic: Adventure, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: R
Spoilers: Spoilers for S2 up to and including BUABS
Warnings: Language, disturbing imagery, sexual situations, children in peril, violence, reference to sexual assault.
Summary: The Winchesters fight time, a vengeful spirit, and a wind demon in order to save a little girl from the monster who's stalking her. Hurt!Dean, Heavily Dean-centric
Disclaimer: Not mine
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