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13 August 2011 @ 09:05 pm
Well, I finished my first week. I'm not as worried about next Saturday now as I was last night as it wasn't as busy as the weekday which actually surprised me. I just have to take my time and not get flustered.

In other fun news, I've been re-watching "Young Indiana Jones" and I smile at the stars they have as supporting roles.

Kevin McNally -- best known for playing Mr Gibbs in the "Pirates" films
Stuart Milligan -- Adam Klaus in "Jonathan Creek" and Nixon in "Doctor Who"
Tony Robinson -- Baldrick in "Blackadder"

Julian Fellowes -- has played the Prince Regent a number of times but I think of him as Kilwilly from "Monarch of the Glen"
Elizabeth Hurley -- do I need to say anything here?
Vanessa Redgrave

James Nesbitt
Sean Pertwee

Joss Ackland
Christopher Lee
Patrick Ryecart
Elizabeth Spriggs

Jason Flemyng
Edward Petherbridge

Kenneth Cranham
Harry Enfield
Terry Jones
Timmothy Spall

Jane Krakowski
Nick Turturro

Robin Lively

Tom Beckett -- Mr Foley of "Remember WENN"
Anne Heche

Max von Sydow

David Haig

Ronald Fraser
Mac MacDonald -- Captain Hollister of "Red Dwarf"

Lukas Haas

Ian McDiarmid -- Palpatine (the Emperor) in the Sar Wars films
Jacqueline Pierce -- Servelan in "Blake's 7"

Peter Firth -- HArry in "Spooks"

Cyril Cusack
Douglas Henshall
Michael Kitchen
Jeroen Krabbe
Anna Massey

Tim McInnerny -- he'll always be Percy from "Blackadder"
Mike McShane

Colin Baker
Daniel Craig
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ben Miller

There might be others that some may recognize, but not too shabby on the casting front, eh?
rochvelleth: Indy and sonrochvelleth on August 14th, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, I love love love Young Indy! The casting was always superb. I especially love 2x18 (which also starred Michael Maloney), which I remember watching when I was doing Versailles in GCSE history :)

They were such wonderfully lavish productions, I suppose they must have cost a fortune. Perfect casting all round. *happy memories* One day I'll get myself a box set and watch them from beginning to end.
coquillage: Bluefish Don't Kickboxcoquillagement on August 14th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
Are we even related? Just wondering. It appears you were raised in a different country.