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23 August 2006 @ 11:58 am
Quote #6  
Last week's quote was from the Doctor Who episode "The Space Museum".

This week's:
In reality killing time
Is only the name for another of the mutifarious ways
By which Time kills us.

Man, have we dealt with major headaches and runarounds this week. I hooked the DSL up last week and no problem. Those started with Vonage. If we wanted to keep the same phone number, we'd lose the number with BellSouth which would also cancel the DSL which would make Vonage worthless. So after much talking and confusion, we realized there was no easy way out except to cancel Vonage and not even think about it. OF I had know that DSL would cause such a brouhaha, I think we would have picked the cable hookup instead.

On happier news, I went to my weekly electrolysis and she is very pleased with my progress and I can now go every other week! That'll save me some lolly every month.
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