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12 December 2010 @ 01:49 pm
Christmas Spirit is Alive  
My dad and I were going to get the tree down yesterday and then he changed his mind for a number of reasons. 1)it was too heavy and (2)since I won't be here, they don't need a big tree. He was going to get one of those fake table-top trees but I mentioned a small real tree. Anyway, they come back from their morning out (breakfast, cards, errands) and in the trunk is a small tree. Mom's like "Wait till I tell you the story".

They were outside the grocery store where there was one small tree left and they were looking at it. A woman comes up to them (probably anywhere from 30-50) and says that the tree had already been sold and she was waiting for her husband to come pick it up. Mom and Dad thank her, say "Merry Christmas" and go inside to shop.

The woman comes and finds Mom, telling her "I want you to have this" and gives her the tree, already bought and paid for. They hug and the woman leaves.

Seriously, how many people would do something like that? It sounds like the makings of a Hallmark Channel movie.

It makes you glad to know that there are still people who know the true meaning of Christmas.
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juliet316: Doctor Who: TenRose curiosityjuliet316 on December 12th, 2010 07:05 pm (UTC)