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27 March 2015 @ 12:38 pm
Revisiting a Childhood Haunt  
On Tuesday, I went with two of my sisters to our old beach. Well, it's not just a beach in the Florida sense or the Jersey sense. It's a peninsula that curves.


On one side is The Cove and the other is the beach that is on Long Island Sound. At the tip (as seen above) is a yacht club. In the picture, the part that's on the left has views of New York City and you can see the skyline. It's lined with hiking trails and picnic areas. It also acts as a nature preserve. When here as a kid, we rarely went past the beach area. In 1884 this was owned by the Tod family (he was a wealthy banker) and he built a mansion, boat house, stables, etc. The town bought it when he died. The mansion was converted into apartments for returning WWII vets. Unfortunately it was torn down in 1961. Some of the original buildings remain as well as some wall ruins from the original house.

2015-03-24 17.19.31
2015-03-24 17.20.05
2015-03-24 17.23.06
2015-03-24 17.36.46 HDR
2015-03-24 17.37.09
2015-03-24 17.59.35
2015-03-24 17.43.38 HDR
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