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21 June 2011 @ 05:08 pm
Hi Everyone!  
We're halfway through the trip. Maryland and New Jersey were great. The weather was perfect for the graduation and the party 2 days later. I'm sure Co will fill everyone in on the details. Now that graduation is done, she's getting Bookworm ready for her trip to Ireland, North Wales and Southern England. She leaves Thursday.

I've barely gotten any writing done because, stupid me, I forgot a printout of the two stories I really wanted to work on. I did get some done on my Merlin fic and I started another Supernatural. One thing I did get to do was go through season 2 of Psych for the character facts. Only about 5 more to go.

My nephew here in CT told me he needs my help as this girl he likes is a fan of Doctor Who! He needs some tutelege. Tonight my brother plans to have a "small" gathering of friends and family over. It seems the guest list grows every time I hear it.

We plan to be back home July 1st and I hope to be somewhat more productive by then.

I really haven't had the chance to go through my flist so don't be upset if I haven't responded to anything. I know there will be much fic I need to cathc up on :)